About 't Hof van Commerce

CC-BY-SA-3.0 - Image by Koen Bauters,

't Hof van Commerce is a Belgian hip hop crew from Izegem in the province West Flanders in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Their name means 'commercial court' in their local dialect. Almost all their raps/lyrics are in West Flemish, the Dutch dialect of the province of West Flanders, with the exception of some lines sung in Limburgish by DJ 4T4 or a mix between those two dialects.

Band members are Filip Cauwelier (a.k.a. Levrancier, a.k.a. Flip Kowlier), Serge Buyse (a.k.a. Dommestik, a.k.a. BZA, pronounce: buzze) and Kristof Michiels (DJ 4T4). Ex-members include Johnny de Pony (a.k.a. Georges De Keesmaecker) and Floerke den Aap (a.k.a. Wilhelm De Tura).


It started with the crossover band The Prophets of Finance which stopped around 1993–1994. In 1997, 't Hof van Commerce was founded, and in 1998, they release their first album En in Izzegem, referring to the little city Ize…Read more on Wikipedia